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ATTENTION! We changed design of Russian's tray. Russian Volume have white background now.

Russian Volume 3D eyelash fans are recommended for extending eyelashes using volume methods in the 3 to 1 / 3D method

The 3D eyelash fan consists of three individual eyelashes that are glued together at the base and their ends are directed in opposite directions, which resembles the shape of a fan. 

The fan is designed so that the weight distribution is completely different compared to the 1:1 method. Russian fans are designed to provide a uniform distribution of gravitational force vectors and an appropriate deflection angle. As a result, a fan which consists of several eyelashes does not burden your natural eyelashes

Applied “Russian” lashes are light, delicate and comfortable

The application of “Russian” eyelashes requires a smaller amount of glue, however, the applied eyelashes are kept significantly longer compared to eyelashes applied using the 1:1 method. This is because despite the loss of one of the fans, the remaining fans fill in the created gap. 

The eyelashes in ready-made fans are joined at perfect angles. Their use is comfortable and time-saving. Thanks to them you will no longer have to create fans manually and the procedure will be carried out faster. 

The pallet contains 12 rows of eyelashes.

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