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Mink Express Mini C 0,10
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  • Model: MINI_C010
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Mink eyelashes are flexible and blend seamlessly with the natural lashes. 

Their beautiful profile, shine and softness will give you the feeling of luxury and will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Advantages of the MINI pallet

With the MINI pallet you get a whole range of different lengths and thicknesses of eyelashes. 

MINI pallets are handy and easy to store. 

MINI pallets offer the most useful eyelash sizes ranging from 8 mm to 13 mm. 

The eyelashes are gently stuck with a tape to the bottom of the packaging. 

The tape holds the eyelashes so gently that there is no problem when you want to remove single lashes or groups of lashes. 

Their distinguishing features include a beautiful curl, incredible lightness and exceptional comfort of wearing. 

The pallet contains 6 rows of eyelashes.

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